I want to volunteer in French


  • You are 13 years old or older

  • You can speak French and English, no matter what you level is! 

You are:

  • A newcomer to your community

  • An elderly person or a retiree

  • A student (Francophone, Francophile or student at a French immersion school)

  • A group (circle of friends, company employees, youth group, social club, class, family)

  • A business wanting to get involved and support its employees’ volunteer efforts

  • A person looking to move towards a new career

You would like to volunteer in French to:

  • Acquire new skills and improve existing ones

  • Have new experiences

  • Contribute to the community

  • Communicate with people in French

  • Meet new people and expand your network

  • Participate in a cause that is close to your heart

  • Share your knowledge

The bilingual volunteering program is free for those registered in the volunteer database. By registering, you will have the opportunity to connect with organizations and agencies interested in benefitting from your qualifications, knowledge, experience, and French abilities.

Register today to receive email notifications of various upcoming volunteer opportunities matching your profile and apply  online.

If you wish to search for a volunteer opportunity in English only, go visit the Volunteer Connector (Volunteer Centre of Calgary).